Why Our Office Practices Sedation Dentistry

sleepy sedation patient

It should come as no surprise to learn that people around the world, including the Waco, TX, region, have a fear of the dentist. Their dental anxiety can come from a prior bad experience, anxiety issues, or a combination of factors. Regardless, they may avoid getting oral healthcare because of their intense worry. This only serves to leave them at a distinct disadvantage, as healthy teeth and gums are as important as a healthy brain, heart, and lungs.

To alleviate the fears associated with dentistry among our patients who exhibit dental fear, we offer sedation dentistry. This type of dentistry allows us to offer calming sedatives to people who would otherwise not be able to undergo any kind of treatment. If you or someone you love has stopped going to the dentist or periodontist because of anxiety, please call us at 254.776.6350 to find out how we can help.

Sedation Dentistry Treatment Methods Available at Our Waco Office

There are two main types of sedation dentistry that we offer at the dental office of Dr. J. Scott Jones. The first is local anesthetic. This is delivered using a needle, but the area to be anesthetized is first numbed with a highly effective gel. There is no pain associated with getting local anesthetic, and it wears off relatively quickly. The second form of sedation dentistry that is preferred by many individuals is oral sedation. Oral sedation involves taking sedatives at the dental office before any procedures or checkups begin. The oral sedatives provide a calming effect and enable you to relax during treatment. You are fully conscious the entire time that oral sedation is used, so you can respond to the dentist and hygienist. Because oral sedation involves taking a pharmaceutical medication, you will need a driver to take you home after your appointment.

People From All Walks of Life Choose Sedation Dentistry

There is no shame in requesting sedation dentistry from Dr. J. Scott Jones when you come for your next visit at our office in Waco, TX. People of all ages and from all backgrounds may have a fear of the dentist. It is always better to get oral care for your teeth and gums rather than risk health issues. Call us today at 254.776.6350 to discuss how sedation dentistry can be the best option for your situation.