What Is the Difference Between a Periodontist and a Dentist?

Periodontitis in Waco,Tx

A periodontist and a dentist may offer many of the same treatment options, but periodontists are more focused on diagnosing and treatment problems with the gums. This usually includes advanced gum disease, a condition affecting millions of Americans. Periodontists receive specialized training to give the best possible advice and solutions for their patients who exhibit periodontitis, which affects both the soft tissues and the bones in the mouth. Additionally, periodontists are best suited to provide bone grafting, deep pocket cleanings, crown lengthening, and scaling and root planing.

A dentist may have the skills to address the initial stage of gum disease, gingivitis, but it is best to find someone who has studied periodontics if your gum disease has progressed beyond gingivitis or you are experiencing soreness of the mouth. Dr. J. Scott Jones is a credentialed, well-respected periodontist in Waco, TX, and is accepting new patients. Simply call 254.776.6350 to get a spot on the office calendar.

Several Key Advantages Come With Visiting a Periodontist

The benefits of partnering with a periodontist are numerous and include the following considerations:
  • A periodontist has a deeper understanding of how your gum disease may be affecting your gums and bones.
  • A periodontist will be able to treat gum disease that has advanced to its last, and most detrimental, stage.
  • A periodontist will have the training and tools to tackle even the toughest cases.
  • A periodontist will not be surprised by problems associated with advancing gum disease.
  • A periodontist will stay on top of the latest innovations in the treatment and control of gum disease and related issues.