When You Need Treatment, We Offer Payment Options

We accept all Major Credit Cards

One of the reasons that many people do not take care of their teeth and gums is fear of how much it will cost. We do our best to provide affordable dental care in Waco, TX, so that you can stop the progression of gum disease and related periodontal conditions. Some of our most-utilized payment methods include:

  • Cash or major credit cards.
  • CareCredit. This is a third-party financing company that provides a low interest credit card to be used specifically for medical and dental needs. Contact CareCredit for more information on the options available to you. You can apply for CareCredit directly through their site. Our office personnel can also help you find out more about this program.
  • Wells Fargo dental insurance. Other dental or medical insurance may be accepted. Please discuss this when making your initial appointment.


Call our office at 254.776.6350 when you are ready to schedule your time with our periodontist in Waco, TX.

Yes, You Can Pay for Your Periodontal Care Out-of-Pocket

Healthcare payment situations can be confusing to many patients, including those who may want to pay out-of-pocket. If you do not have dental or medical health insurance, please let us know. We will arrange for you to pay using cash or a credit card. This is a common occurrence at our office.