Pioneering Laser Dentistry for Periodontal Patients

Looking for leading-edge results from a world-class periodontist in Waco, TX? Trust Dr. J. Scott Jones and his team.

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A Leader in Lasers Right in Your Hometown

In the last four decades, Dr. Jones has built his reputation on being at the front of the curve in terms of periodontics. Today, he is the only periodontist in Waco, TX, who uses lasers to make periodontal services including scaling and root planing, gingivectomies, osseous surgeries, extractions, and frenectomies more comfortable and dependable for patients. We also use lasers for bone regenerative procedures.

Discover why Dr. Jones is one of the most well-respected periodontal professionals among his peers. Call our office at 254.776.6350 to talk about your periodontal needs and make an appointment.


The REPaiR™ Protocol: Minimally Invasive, Maximum Outcomes

If you have gum disease, you need to treat it wisely. We believe in the REPaiR protocol, a process that uses water and laser technologies to comfortably and efficiently restore the soft and hard tissues in your mouth. The REPaiR protocol is a trusted form of laser dentistry that can stop the progression of periodontitis and leave your teeth and gums in a much better position to naturally fight against the buildup of gum disease promoting bacteria. Ask about the REPaiR protocol the next time you visit Dr. Jones.

Laser Gum Therapies Are Effective Measures Against the Spread of Gum Disease

Pick a Periodontal Partner to Keep Gum Disease Under Control

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The secret to controlling gum disease is to make and keep periodontal maintenance appointments. If you are experiencing periodontal disease signs or symptoms, such as bleeding gums, swollen gums, bad breath, gum recession, noticeable decay around the gum line or loose teeth, please call our office immediately at 254.776.6350. We can diagnose and treat all stages of advanced gum disease using specialized techniques that often include laser therapies.

Having Problems With Your Dental Implant? The Root Cause May Be Peri-Implantitis.

Peri-implantitis is an infectious condition that affects the soft tissues and bones surrounding a dental implant. After diagnosis of this problem, Dr. Jones can use high-end equipment to rapidly address the situation. The objective of peri-implantitis treatment is to help you save your dental implant and resolve any underlying causes of inflammation and infection.

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