Periodontics to Solve Your Pressing Dental Issues

The field of periodontics is a specialized area of dentistry focused on the gums and the bones of the mouth. Since 1977, Dr. J. Scott Jones has been successfully treating patients with various periodontal problems. He is proud to offer the following services to current and new patients of all ages:

  • Preventive Dentistry Visits – Our preventive dentistry appointments include appropriate cleanings for your personal condition, such as deep cleanings for periodontal disease patients. Preventive dentistry enables us to stay on top of any developments in your oral health.
  • Oral Pathology Exams – During every preventive appointment, an oral pathology exam takes place to look for signs of pre-cancer or cancer. Any area that seems problematic may be biopsied with your permission.
  • Biopsies – If you have a lesion, sore, or questionable spot on the soft tissues of your mouth, Dr. Jones will use lasers to gently but precisely remove the tissue so it can be evaluated. The goal of a biopsy is to comfortably get enough material for a definitive diagnosis of any potential issues.
  • Tooth Extraction – When it is necessary to remove a natural tooth because of damage, overcrowding, or other condition, our team focuses on patient comfort and exceptional outcomes. We use the latest tools and techniques to make certain that the best possible results come of the experience.
  • Occlusal Adjustment – Does it often feel as if your bite is not aligned correctly? One answer to this problem can be an occlusal adjustment. During the occlusal adjustment procedure, Dr. Jones will smooth out the tops of your molars to give you a more natural-feeling bite.

To benefit from periodontics, call 254.776.6350 for an appointment with Dr. Jones, our periodontist in Waco, TX.

When an Extraction Is Needed, You Deserve the Best Care

Having a tooth removed can be difficult on your remaining teeth, bones, and gums, but it does not have to be with the right kind of care. For four decades, Dr. Jones has built a reputation on offering tooth extractions that focus on keeping up the health of the surrounding soft and hard tissues. He can also recommend post-operative procedures, such as dental implant surgery, to reduce the risk of bone loss at the site of the extraction.