Scaling and Root Planing Works to Control Gum Disease

For the millions of people in the U.S. who are afflicted with some stage of gum disease, scaling and root planing can be a practical treatment. This procedure is fairly straightforward and comfortable. Before the scaling and root planing procedure, your dental hygienist may numb the area to be treated. This is usually one quadrant of the mouth, although Dr. J. Scott Jones may suggest a different area, such as half the mouth.

During scaling and root planing, the hygienist will use specialized instruments to remove any calculus or plaque build-up deep in the periodontal pockets between your teeth and gums. Removing this unwanted material gives bacteria fewer places to breed and grow. Scaling and root planing also gives the connective tissues the opportunity to reattach to the teeth and teeth roots naturally, providing protection against advancing gum disease.

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Why Scaling and Root Planing Is An Effective Solution

scaling and root planing If you have gum disease, it will not go away without regular appointments that include deep cleanings beyond routine dental checkups and examinations. One of the hallmarks of gum disease is the development of hardened plaque and debris within the pockets formed by the gum tissues around the teeth. Over time, these pockets are transformed into locations that foster the growth of bacteria. If allowed to persist, the bacteria will begin to destroy the gums, the teeth and the bones. Scaling and root planing is a cost-effective, comfortable way for you to stop the progression of gum disease and eliminate the hiding places that encourage bacteria breeding. After scaling and root planing treatment, you will be placed on a maintenance plan and may be given specific at-home cleaning directions from Dr. Jones and the rest of his team. Please follow any guidelines for maximum benefit.

What to Expect in the Days After Scaling and Root Planing

Most patients are surprised to find that any gum sensitivity they experience as a result of scaling and root planing goes away relatively quickly. As part of your after care, you may be asked to use specific rinses or other products to reduce the likelihood of bacteria and plaque gathering in your periodontal pockets. Dr. Jones and his team members will discuss expectations with you when you come for your appointment.