Choose the Advanced REPaiR™ Protocol to Treat Periodontitis

If you have gum disease and want to take advantage of the latest technologies to reduce the risks associated with this very common condition, why not consider the REPaiR™ protocol? This specialized form of laser gum surgery from BIOLASE allows your periodontist to effectively strike back at the progression of gum disease at the periodontitis stage.

The REPaiR™ protocol involves Dr. Jones using the WaterLase® iPlus™ tool to gently, but completely, remove any diseased gums from the areas of the mouth affected by periodontal disease. Usually, one laser gum surgery visit includes the REPaiR™ protocol on a quadrant (one-quarter) of your mouth to minimize and limit any post-operative discomfort.

After the REPaiR™ protocol, your gums will be healthier and in a better position to reattach and regenerate. This helps reduce the depth of the periodontal pockets where aggressive bacteria breed. When you are ready to finally take control over your gum disease, we invite you to call our office in Waco, TX, at 254.776.6350. Since 1977, we have welcomed new periodontal patients and served them using the latest technologies, which now includes laser gum surgery.

5 Advantages of Laser Gum Surgery Over Traditional Gum Surgery

  1. Lasers do not cut the gums. Therefore, there is little to no bleeding at the treatment site.
  2. Lasers cause less trauma to the soft tissues of the mouth than cutting implements do. Post-laser gum surgery, patients have far less swelling and discomfort.
  3. Lasers are precision instruments and can be highly controlled.
  4. Lasers allow your periodontist to more efficiently treat gum disease. This means you have to spend less time in the dental chair.
  5. The REPaiR™ protocol has been clinically tested, and evidence has proven that it is an effective way to treat gum disease for most candidates with periodontitis.