Peri-Implantitis Is a Treatable Condition With Laser Dentistry

Happy Peri-Implantitis Patient

Dental implants are incredible solutions for permanent replacement of missing teeth. While most dental implants never create any problems for patients, some individuals do experience peri-implantitis. This is a condition where bacteria between an implant is causing issues that are affecting the bone and gums, making the soft tissues inflamed. Without intervention with advanced practices such as laser dentistry, peri-implantitis can require the eventual removal of the dental implant, as well as other oral health problems.

Some of the biggest signs of peri-implantitis include:

  • Swollen, red gums around the dental implant crown and post.
  • Pain in the area of the dental implant.
  • Pus coming from around the dental implant.
  • Movement of the dental implant.

If you notice any of these symptoms commonly associated with peri-implantitis, please call our Waco, TX, periodontal office immediately at 254.776.6350 for fast scheduling of an appointment. The sooner peri-implantitis is diagnosed and treated, the better the expected outcome for you and your dental implant investment.

How Laser Dentistry Has Transformed Treatment of Peri-Implantitis

As one of the leading periodontists in the Waco area, Dr. J. Scott Jones has spent his lifetime embracing the leading-edge dental technologies. This includes adopting the use of lasers to treat conditions like peri-implantitis. Using a comfortable handheld laser device, he can target the affected gum areas and remove any bacteria or tissues that have become unhealthy, as well as any lesions that may have developed.

The benefits of laser dentistry in the treatment of peri-implantitis are many:

  • There is no cutting of the tissues.
  • There is very little bleeding.
  • Discomfort is minimized.
  • Lasers have been shown to be the best way to retain the dental implant.
  • Results are immediate after treatment.

If you feel your dental implants are failing, please contact us right away for an evaluation.