What Is Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Waco TX
Periodontists regularly perform procedures that provide patients with the function they need and the aesthetics they desire. These treatments are often referred to as periodontal plastic surgery because of their physical appeal. However, these services should not necessarily be considered elective. For many people, periodontal plastic surgery is a practical way to solve quality of life issues.

A few of the types of periodontal plastic surgery options that patients frequently request include crown lengthening, gum contouring, and fixing exposed tooth roots through connective tissue grafts. To learn more about periodontal plastic surgery, please call us in Waco, TX, at our office: 254.776.6350.


Crown Lengthening Gives You a Radiant, Natural Look

Do you feel as if there are certain areas in your mouth where your gums cover too much of your teeth? Similarly, are your gums unevenly distributed? Whether this is related to years of untreated, undiagnosed gum disease, or is simply an inherent condition, it can be addressed with the practice of aesthetic and restorative, or functional, crown lengthening.

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening- Used as a cosmetic procedure to improve the look of a “gummy smile” or uneven gums, aesthetic crown lengthening involves removing excess gum tissue, and bone tissue in some cases, to expose more of the tooth. This can be done on one or multiple teeth. The procedure can also be performed to help prevent or control gum disease, by limiting the space between the gum and tooth root, where bacteria thrive.

Restorative Crown Lengthening- In order to restore a tooth or teeth that are decayed, broken or have insufficient structure to hold a dental crown or other piece, a restorative crown lengthening procedure may be recommended. This procedure will allow Dr. Jones more access to the tooth, so it can be restored.

Both crown lengthening procedures involve removing pieces of the gum and trimming it to make it more attractive or functional. Although the dental crown is not actually lengthened, it looks longer because of the removal of unwanted soft tissues. At Dr. Jones’s office, we use lasers to accomplish crown lengthening. Not only do they work rapidly and efficiently, but they produce very little in the way of bleeding and soreness. Best of all, without sutures to worry about, crown lengthening results are visible immediately after the treatment.

Connective Tissue Grafts for Root Coverage

For those who do not have enough gum coverage, connective tissue grafts may offer a solution. Dr. Jones is experienced in this procedure, which involves using tissue from the roof of the mouth, or donor tissue, to cover roots that are exposed. The “new” tissue is stitched to the area in need, and in time will integrate with the existing tissue to form a healthier, more appealing gum line.