Laser Gum Surgery Reestablishes the Health and Beauty of Your Smile


One of the most incredible advancements in the area of dental technologies is the laser. At our periodontal office, we regularly use lasers to perform many different treatments, including laser gum surgery. Laser gum surgery is the process whereby diseased, infected gum tissues are comfortably removed in the periodontal pockets that are formed between the teeth and gums. One of the biggest benefits of laser gum surgery is that it is minimally invasive, requiring no scalpels or sutures. Plus, the results are outstanding.

Laser gum surgery can also be used to renew the contours and appearance of gum tissues that have been affected by gum disease. To find out more about our laser gum therapy options, call the periodontal office of Dr. Jones in Waco at 254.776.6350.

Bone Grafting Can Help Restore the Function of the Mouth

A dental bone grafting procedure is often necessary for people who have had bone loss due to advanced, untreated gum disease. Bone grafting typically is a precursor to having dental implants placed. During bone grafting, the periodontist will take bone matter from another part of the mouth, or from a human or animal donor, and graft it to the bone in the jaw. After several months, the bones should fuse together, providing a strong anchor for dental implants.

Bone grafting is a procedure that needs to be handled by a professional who has received extensive training. Dr. Jones is highly credentialed and can offer bone grafting services to patients who require this type of treatment. Additionally, he provides in-house guided tissue regeneration, which utilizes artificial membranes to encourage new bone to grow by creating a barrier between the soft tissues and the bone graft site. Guided tissue regeneration is a practical, proven way to give bones the chance to properly heal.